Police From Two States Are Looking Christine Hammontree Who Went Missing In Times Square

Police are hunting for a Maine lady who went missing while visiting New York City on Monday.

According to Falmouth, Maine, police, Christine Hammontree, 29, was last seen in Times Square early Monday morning. A surveillance camera captures her getting into a car outside a McDonald’s in the tourist hotspot.

Hammontree’s parents reported her missing on Tuesday. According to authorities, she was dressed in an oversized blue t-shirt, cut-off light blue trousers, sandals, and black Ray-Ban sunglasses. She also had an orange rucksack on her back.

Hammontree had previously lived in New York but now resides in Maine, according to Falmouth Police Lt. Jeffrey Pardue.

Detectives from the New York City Police Department are aiding in the hunt for Hammontree, according to the department.

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