Christian Eriksen’s ‘Was Gone’ Before Being Resuscitated, According To The Doctor

COPENHAGEN — Christian Eriksen’s heart stopped and he “Was Gone” before being resuscitated with a defibrillator during the European Championship, according to Denmark’s team doctor.

Eriksen passed out during Denmark’s first Euro 2020 group game against Finland on Saturday, requiring extensive medical attention before regaining consciousness.

“He had vanished. We also performed cardiac resuscitation. It was cardiac arrest, too “Morten Boesen, the team doctor who oversaw Eriksen’s care on the field, said: “How close were we to each other? I’m not sure. After one defibs, we were able to get him back. “Wow, that was quick.”

Eriksen was in a stable condition in a Copenhagen hospital on Sunday, according to team officials, and had communicated with teammates through video links.

The cause of the midfielder’s fall, according to Boesen, is yet unknown.

“I’m not a cardiologist, so I’ll leave the facts of why that happened and what occurred next to the experts,” he added.

Eriksen, 29, may not have lived if the game had not been played at a big soccer event with top-of-the-line medical technology on standby, according to him.

“I think that was totally decisive,” Boesen remarked. “The crucial component is the time between when it occurs and when he receives assistance, and that time was short. That was the deciding factor.”

Eriksen, according to Denmark coach Kasper Hjulmand, was more concerned about his colleagues’ well-being than his own when he spoke with him.

‘I don’t recall much, but I’m more concerned about you people,’ he replied. ‘How are things going for you?’ Hjulmand remarked. ”That’s what you’d expect from a Christian… It made me happy to watch him smile.”

As they processed the events, crisis management support was provided to the Danish players and team staff. Late in the first half, Eriksen went face-forward on the ground, and his teammates formed a protective circle around him as doctors treated him.

The game was halted for around 90 minutes before being resumed. After scoring in the second half, Finland triumphed 1-0.

Denmark postponed a planned training session on Sunday, but Hjulmand stated that the team will aim to resume normal operations on Monday. He reiterated that the players are focused on finishing the tournament, which begins on Thursday with Denmark taking on Belgium in Group B.

“(Eriksen) wants us to play,” Hjulmand explained. “We’re attempting to return to some kind of normalcy tomorrow. That’s exactly what the psychologists are saying, and it’s how I’d like to attempt to move this group forward.”

Many in Denmark, notably former players Peter Schmeichel and Michael Laudrup, have slammed the decision to replay the game on Saturday.

Denmark was given the option of continuing the game at noon on Sunday, but the players chose to finish it on Saturday evening instead. Finland’s second group game is on Wednesday in St. Petersburg, Russia, therefore a later date was not conceivable.

Hjulmand stated he was happy with his team for finishing the game, but he now regrets not pressing on the game being called off earlier.

“In hindsight, I wonder whether there was anything I could have done differently,” Hjulmand remarked. “Because, in retrospect, I honestly don’t believe we should have returned to the field. I’m very proud of the players for rallying and giving it a go. It took a tremendous amount of effort. But I feel bad about the fact that we went back out there.”

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