Search Into Cause Of Chinese Hotel Collapse That Killed 17 People Has Come To End

BEIJING, China — The death toll from the Chinese Hotel Collapse in eastern China was upped to 17 on Wednesday, as the search and rescue operation came to a conclusion.

On its social media account, the city of Suzhou said that 23 people had been rescued from the wreckage of the Siji Kaiyuan Hotel, which had fallen on Monday afternoon. One of those released was unharmed, while the other five were sent to the hospital for treatment.

Cranes, ladders, metal cutters, and search dogs were employed to seek survivors. Hotel guests made up the majority of that slain.

For the effort, more than 600 personnel were deployed, including seismic rescue teams and 120 vehicles. Suzhou is located in Jiangsu Province, close to Shanghai.

On Tuesday, Jiangsu’s senior official, Communist Party Secretary Lou Qinjian, paid a visit to rescuers and victims, according to the city.

According to the posting, authorities have subpoenaed the hotel’s legal representatives, managers, and those who worked on the design and construction of the structure to investigate the reason for the collapse. It stated that some had been placed under “criminal control measures,” implying that they had been detained or supervised in some way. There were no numbers or names supplied for people who were subjected to such restrictions.

According to Ctrip, a Chinese internet booking platform, the three-story, 54-room Siji Kaiyuan Hotel debuted in 2018.

Suzhou is both a famous tourist attraction and a significant commercial hub, noted for its ancient canals and traditional Chinese gardens.

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