Rape Suspicions Have Been Levelled Against A Chinese-Canadian Pop Star

BEIJING — Chinese-Canadian pop star, was arrested on suspicion of rape on Monday in a high-profile case that sprang from allegations that the singer had sex with a 17-year-old while inebriated and enticed young women into sexual relationships.

Wu’s detention was legally approved, according to the prosecutor’s office in Beijing’s Chaoyang district, but no specifics of the accusations were provided.

Wu, 30, has previously disputed a teen’s claim that he had sex with her when she was inebriated. The claim sparked an outpouring of support for the kid as well as condemnation of Wu on social media.

Seven women contacted the youngster, alleging that a former member of the Korean boy band EXO had lured them with promises of employment and other possibilities. She stated that several were under the age of 18, although she did not specify whether any were younger than China’s consent age of 14.

Wu, whose Chinese name is Wu Yifan, denied having intercourse with anybody under the age of 14.

According to a police statement at the time, Wu was arrested on Aug. 1 as police launched an investigation in response to internet accusations that he “repeatedly enticed young ladies” to have sex.

Wu was born in China and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a Canadian citizen, according to police.

The adolescent made her claims public on social media and in an interview with the internet portal NetEase afterward. At least ten firms, including Porsche and Louis Vuitton, canceled sponsorship and other relationships with Wu the day after the interview was published.

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