COVID-19 Was Found In 27 People On Carnival Cruise

BELIZE CITY — According to the Belize Tourism Board, twenty-seven passengers on a Carnival cruise tested positive for COVID-19 right before the ship docked in Belize City this week.

According to the board, the positive instances involved 26 crew members and one guest aboard the Carnival Vista, which carries over 1,400 crew members and almost 3,000 passengers. The ship docked in Belize City on Wednesday.

According to the statement, all 27 were vaccinated, showed minor or no symptoms, and were kept in isolation. According to the tourist authority, 99.98 percent of the ship’s personnel and 96.5 percent of its guests were vaccinated.

According to the Washington Post Last week, Carnival stated there were positive instances on board, but the cruise operator did not provide precise statistics. According to the Post, the ship departed from Galveston, Texas.

Carnival requires guests to be vaccinated, with exceptions made for minors and those with medical conditions. Passengers must wear a mask in specific interior locations and produce a negative COVID test within three days of embarkation for voyages beginning Aug. 14, according to a statement released by the cruise line on Aug. 4.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on its website that the Carnival Vista has been investigated and that the ship is still being monitored.

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