Britney Spears’ Lawyer, Who Was Assigned By The Court, Has Resigned

LOS ANGELES — Britney Spears’ court-appointed attorney filed paperwork to resign from her conservatorship on Tuesday, the latest in a series of actions after the pop singer’s statements in court criticizing the legal arrangement that governs her finances and relations.

In filings filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Samuel Ingham III requested that the court appoint a new counsel for Spears and said that his retirement would take effect as soon as that happened.

Spears was scathing of Ingham during her June 23 court testimony, in which she denounced the conservatorship and requested Judge Brenda Penny to cancel it. She also said she wanted the court would allow her to hire her own lawyer.

Bessemer Trust, the estate-management firm that Spears had asked to replace her father as her financial conservator, filed its own filings withdrawing from the lawsuit last week. After Spears’ statements in court on June 23, the petition stated that circumstances had changed.

Penny dismissed Spears’ plea to have her father completely replaced during a hearing in November but ruled James Spears and Bessemer Trust may collaborate as co-conservators of her funds.

In a letter acquired by the entertainment industry website Deadline on Monday, Britney Spears’ longtime manager Larry Rudolph quit, stating that she had no plans to resume her career after a two-and-a-half-year sabbatical, leaving him with no job to do for her.

Ingham, a seasoned probate attorney, remained mainly silent in the conservatorship for years, at least publicly, before becoming a more outspoken champion for Britney Spears last year. His declarations in court that she feared her father and would not restart her job as long as he had control over it were an early fracture in the assumed consensus among the conservatorship’s participants.

Britney Spears had not requested Ingham to submit a petition to dissolve the conservatorship, but he anticipated her to do so shortly, according to the June 23 hearing. Spears claimed during the court that she didn’t realize she could submit such a petition and that she still hasn’t.

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