Shonda Rhimes Praises Regé-Jean Page For Leaving ‘Bridgerton’ After One Season

While fans may be disappointed that their favorite Duke of Hastings will no longer feature in “Bridgerton,” one fan applauds Regé-Jean Page for departing the show on the right foot.

Shonda Rhimes, the showrunner, stated to Variety why she has no animosity against Page and is totally supportive of his choice to star in only one season.

“‘I signed up to do this one great narrative, this closed-ended storyline,’ he stated correctly. ‘I’m OK!’ And I can’t say I blame him for it “She recalled something.

“I believe he was incredibly clever to let the excellence alone,” the Emmy-nominated producer commented.

Season one ended with Simon choosing revenge over his wife Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) and raising a family of their own, thereby continuing the family line.

“What I liked about the first season was that we were going to build this tremendous, thrilling, fantastic relationship,” said Rhimes, 51, before comparing it to other long-running programs. “For once on television, they’d get to live happily ever after instead of — well, you know!”

“In-network television, you have to come up with 15 years of why a couple has to be separated,” Rhimes explained, possibly in a subtle allusion to “Grey’s Anatomy,” where the show’s protagonist lost multiple loves over the years.

And, while she’s pleased that a favorite character has a happy ending, she’s also happy with how the internet erupted over Page’s departure.

“I mean, I know better than anyone that people’s devotion to couples is real,” she joked. “And I believe that this is a sign of success. However, I understand their anguish.”

Since Netflix renewed “Bridgerton” for future seasons, she implied that the door will always remain open for Page.

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