Oscar Isaac Turned Down The Role Of Freddie Mercury In Bohemian Rhapsody

Isaac revealed he was approached to play Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody” but turned it down during a recent interview with ABC Audio about his “Addams Family 2” character, Gomez Addams.

“‘I don’t believe anyone wants to see someone pretend to be Freddie Mercury,’ I said at the time. Then, of course, everyone wanted to watch someone play Freddie Mercury “He laughed as he said it. “That was the one that came by.”

Isaac, on the other hand, said he’s not beating himself up over it and that he doesn’t “wish” he had taken it on.

“I don’t think I could have done what Rami Malek did with the Mercury,” Isaac adds of Malek’s Oscar-winning performance.

“I simply believe he was fantastic,” the actor continued. “Obviously, everyone thought so.” “But that was a hilarious one because my first thought was, “You could simply watch him on YouTube.” ‘I mean, why would anyone want to see someone pretend to be him?'”

Isaac, on the other hand, claims that joining the cast of “Addams Family 2” as Gomez Addams was a no-brainer.

He stated of the late actor Ral Juliá, who portrayed Gomez in two “Addams Family” films, “I was such a huge admirer of Ral Juliá.”

“He’s been a huge inspiration to me as an actor, especially as a Latino actor. Just to see all of the things he’s accomplished… So, when it came time for me to try my hand at it, I knew I wanted to pay tribute to that man and his contributions. Then I’ll have to discover my own path.”

The sequel to “The Addams Family” is now in cinemas. On Friday, “Dune” will be released in cinemas.

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