A Man Was Convicted For Assaulting His Black Family’s Michigan House In Michigan

Mt. CLEMENS, Mich. – A white neighbor admitted to shooting at a Black family’s Michigan house, slashing tires on a car, and spraying racist graffiti on a pickup truck because of a Black Lives Matter banner in the window, according to a court.

During his sentence in Macomb County Circuit Court, Michael Frederick Jr. stated that his acts were not a personal assault on Eddie and Candace Hall.

He explained, “I targeted these individuals because I didn’t like their political sign in the window.” “I think you guys are wonderful individuals who don’t deserve anything.”

According to The Macomb Daily of Mount Clemens, Frederick, 25, was sentenced to four to ten years in jail.

Shots were fired at the Halls’ house in Warren, Michigan, in September. A swastika was painted on one of their vehicles two days later, their tires were slashed, and a huge stone was hurled through their front window. On their pickup, someone had also scrawled “terrorist Black Lives Matter,” “not welcome,” and a sentence with an expletive.

A gunshot was fired through the front window of the Halls the next day.

Frederick was quickly apprehended. According to the newspaper, he pleaded no guilty to ethnic intimidation, firing a handgun at a building, using a firearm during a felony, and intentional destruction of property in July.

The attacks occurred at a period when many Black people were feeling increasingly anxious and angry as a result of rallies against police brutality.

“I’m not enraged, I’m not enraged. Candace Hall, 55, stated in Frederick’s sentence, “I’m forgiving.” “You’re a decent child with a bright future ahead of you. We recognize that you made a poor decision. We have our own children. We are Christians, not nasty people.”

“Even though it was a wicked, cruel crime, it really drew us — the community — together with love, comfort, and compassion, even including his parents,” she continued.

Judge Diane Druzinski expressed her admiration for the Halls’ “strength, wisdom, and forgiveness.”

Druzinski remarked, “I wish I was as good as people like you.”

Frederick also pled no guilty to willful destruction of property after vandalizing a white homeowner’s home with a placard supporting then-presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Although a no-contest plea is not an admission of guilt, it is utilized in sentencing.

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