Bidens Meet With Queen Elizabeth II After Royal Salute, Inspecting Guards

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden made a visit to Windsor Castle on Sunday afternoon, where they were greeted by Queen Elizabeth II on the dais in the courtyard and the president reviewed the guards.

The Bidens and the queen stood on the dais after Marine One landed on the grass near the palace, while the “Star-Spangled Banner” played. During the outdoor gathering, Biden donned his trademark aviator sunglasses.

A royal salute was given by a Guard of Honour made up of members of The Queen’s Company First Battalion Grenadier Guards.

lgnews-Bidens-Meet-With-Queen-Elizabeth3gBiden then strolled into the quadrangle, removing his aviators and inspecting the guard.

After the troops marched by, the president returned to the dais, and the Bidens and Elizabeth vacated the dais and proceeded inside the castle to drink tea privately.

The Bidens departed Windsor and boarded Marine One about an hour later.

Later, on the runway at London Heathrow, the president told reporters that the queen reminded him of his mother and that he invited her to the White House. Elizabeth was hailed as “very courteous” by Biden, who added that they “had a fantastic chat.”

lgnews-Bidens-Meet-With-Queen-Elizabeth2The first lady then met with veterans from the United Kingdom who had taken part in Walking with the Wounded’s 2018 Walk of America mission. She had acted as the event’s patron.

The first lady is returning to the United States as the president continues on to Brussels for the NATO meeting on Monday.lgnews-Bidens-Meet-With-Queen-Elizabeth1

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