Champ, The Biden’s Elder German Shepherd, Has Died

When the Bidens return from Delaware to Washington, D.C., following the death of their beloved Biden’s elder German Shepherd, the White House will be a bit quieter.

“Today, our hearts are sad as we inform you that Champ, our beloved German Shepherd, died away quietly at home. He was our constant, valued friend for the past 13 years, and the entire Biden family treasured him “In a statement announcing his death, the president and first lady wrote:

“In his younger days, he enjoyed chasing golf balls on the Naval Observatory’s front lawn or trying to catch our grandkids as they raced through our Delaware backyard. He was there with us in our happiest times and our worst days, attentive to our every unsaid thought and emotion “the members of the family wrote, “We adore our beautiful, wonderful puppy and will always mourn him.”

Following the 2008 election, Champ joined the Biden family. According to Politico, Jill Biden told the family that they would be able to buy a dog after the election. On Christmas that year, Biden’s grandchildren gave him the moniker Champ.

“From the time I was a child, I’ve had German shepherds. And in the past, in my previous life, I’ve really trained and shown to them. Biden claimed on ABC’s “This Week” that he wanted a German shepherd “in December of that year.

Champ, who was 13 at the time, exhibited evidence of his age while in the White House. He was observed hobbling back inside after a visit to the North Lawn on Valentine’s Day.

“Even when Champ’s strength deteriorated in his final months, he would quickly pull himself up, tail wagging, and nuzzle us for an ear scratch or a belly rub,” the family recalled.

Major Biden, the family’s younger German shepherd, was also brought into the melee by Champ.

“I am the proud owner of two German shepherds. One believes he is a member of the Secret Service, which he is “While campaigning in Iowa for the 2020 election, Biden remarked about Champ.

“One is a puppy, and the other is a kitten. ‘Your shepherd is 12 years old,’ my vet remarked. He’s becoming sluggish. ‘Getting another small puppy is the greatest way to keep him going.'”

lgnews-German-Shepherd.2While Major has received the most of the spotlight during the Bidens’ stay in the White House, Champ also received some notice when the then-vice president flaunted him in a CBS interview in 2015.

When Biden asked Champ whether he wanted to go golfing, the dog excitedly yelped, capturing several hearts in the process.

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