Biden Administration Will Return To Pentagon $2 Billion In Trump Border Wall Money

After completing a complete evaluation of the former president’s contentious hallmark immigration project, the Biden administration revealed intentions to restore to the Pentagon nearly $2 billion in unspent military construction money confiscated by the Trump administration for a wall on the US-Mexico border.

According to the government, the funds will be used to complete 66 postponed projects on military stations in 11 states and 16 nations, including schools for military families, hangars, housing, and training facilities.

It’s the remaining monies from the roughly $14 billion in money identified by the Biden administration in April and redirected by Trump from other sections of the government to the border wall project.

While Biden campaigned on a promise to build “not another foot” of a border wall, the administration stated Friday that monies granted by Congress for “border barrier projects” this year will be spent unless legislators cancel or redirect the spending.

“Despite the fact that most of the money for the border wall was diverted from other reasons, Congress did grant some financing for border barrier construction to the Department of Homeland Security. DHS is legally obligated to spend the money for the purpose for which they were authorised “According to the administration.

For the time being, the administration intends to put the cleanup of military construction sites along the border and environmental mitigation work ahead of deciding how to suspend the remaining funds if Congress does not act.

In the case of private land seized by the Trump administration through eminent domain procedures, the Biden administration will continue to assess whether the area obtained “remains required” for cleanup and environmental work.

According to a fact sheet, the Department of Homeland Security would “try to restore” land no longer needed by the government “to its original orders,” a vow that appears to fall short of activists’ demands for full restitution of seized border plots and compensation for any damages.

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