In Touching Message To Fans, Beyonce Celebrates Turning 40 And Growing Older

Beyonce Celebrates is letting fans know that she doesn’t mind getting older, and they shouldn’t either. In a touching letter, the singer publicly celebrated her age, stating why she greeted her 40th birthday with open arms.

The 28-time Grammy winner sent a handwritten message on her official website thanking everyone who helped her celebrate her milestone birthday, which is Sept. 4.

She stated, “This is the first year that I truly grasp what it is to be alive and live in the moment.” “It’s the first time I’ve realized how precious life is, how difficult life can be at times, and how vital it is to pause and smell the flowers when things are going well.”

“I thought I understood it at 21 or 30,” Beyoncé said, “but I didn’t.” “The older I become, the more I comprehend, and the greater my delight becomes… I’m now allowing myself to appreciate the seeds I’ve been trying to cultivate my entire life.”

She then spoke out against the notion that women have an expiry date or that their worth diminishes as they grow older.

“Whoever attempted to convince women that we are supposed to feel old or sad when we hit 40 was completely wrong,” she joked. “It’s the most wonderful feeling I’ve ever had. GROWN, GROWN! I’m very grateful!”

Beyoncé ended her moving message by reminding her fans that many of them first encountered her when she was 15 and a member of Destiny’s Child and that she is honored to have been able to “bring a little pleasure” into their lives over the years.

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