Angelina Jolie Makes Her Instagram Debut To Tell The Tales Of Afghans Who Are Stranded

Angelina Jolie has joined Instagram, and unlike many celebrities who use the medium to promote things or post selfies from beautiful locales, the Oscar winner is using it to speak out for the voiceless in Afghanistan.

“I’ve come to share their experiences on Instagram,” the actress and UN humanitarian special envoy for refugees tweeted.

In the midst of the continuing US withdrawal, Jolie released a letter from a little girl residing in the nation, which is now occupied by the Taliban. “We all had rights, and we [were] able to openly defend our rights, but when they arrived, we were all scared of them, and we thought all our aspirations were gone,” an Afghan girl states in a handwritten message.

While US officials are in contact with the Taliban, and the organization looks to be adopting a more moderate tone on social media, the girl remains wary of their actions. “Some people say the Taliban has evolved,” she says in the letter Jolie released, “but I do not believe so because they have a very horrible background.”

Jolie said, “Two weeks before 9/11, I went on the Afghan border, where I met Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban. It was two decades ago.”

“It’s horrible to see Afghans being uprooted again,” she added, “to invest so much time and money, to have blood spilled and lives lost just to come to this is a failure nearly difficult to comprehend.”

As Jolie put it, “I’m not going to back down. I’ll keep looking for ways to assist. I’m hoping you’ll join me.”

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