Amazon Has Been Fined $886 Million By European Union Regulators

NEW YORK — Amazon has been fined 746 million euros ($886 million) by European regulators for data protection offenses.

The Luxembourg National Commission for Data Protection issued a ruling against Amazon earlier this month, saying that the processing of personal data did not comply with the European Union general data protection legislation, Amazon said in a regulatory filing on Friday.

Amazon stated that it feels the decision is arbitrary and that it will fiercely defend itself.

The EU has already investigated Amazon. Antitrust accusations were brought against Amazon in November, accusing the firm of abusing its access to data from companies selling items on its platform to obtain an unfair advantage over them.

While the US first chastised the EU for targeting American businesses, it has recently begun to take a stronger stance against big tech, including a lawsuit against Google last year for exploiting its dominance in internet search and advertising.

In May, a court overturned a European Commission judgment that a tax arrangement between Amazon and the Luxembourg government constituted unlawful state aid. It was the latest defeat in the European Union’s fight against corporate tax evasion.

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