Afghanistan Recalled Its Ambassador Diplomats To Protest Pakistan Attack

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — After his daughter was kidnapped and severely abused last week, Afghanistan recalled its ambassador from Pakistan.

The Afghan foreign ministry said in a tweet late Sunday that Ambassador Najib Alikhil and other senior diplomats had been summoned to Kabul while the attack on his daughter is probed.

Silsila Alikhil, 26, was kidnapped in the Pakistani capital in the middle of the afternoon, kept for many hours, and severely attacked. According to an Afghan foreign ministry statement, top diplomats would be recalled: “until all security risks have been addressed, including the arrest and conviction of the abductors.”

Pakistan’s foreign ministry expressed disappointment at Kabul’s decision.

Past investigations into attacks on women in Pakistan have been condemned, with police and even Prime Minister Imran Khan blaming the victims, citing their clothing or the fact that they were traveling alone.

A senior police official chastised a lady for traveling alone and at night after she was raped in front of her two children on a highway earlier this year.

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