Adele Announced Release Date For Her Upcoming Album, Titled Simply “30.”

Adele announced on Wednesday that her next album, “30,” will be released on November 19.

After releasing “25” in 2015, the 33-year-old British vocalist returns with her first album in six years. She has published two albums before to then, “19” in 2008 and “21” in 2011.

Adele took to social media to explain why she felt now was the appropriate moment to release a new album.

“When I initially started about three years ago, I was nothing near where I’d intended to be. Quite the opposite, in fact “she said “I’ve always relied on regularity and predictability to feel safe. And yet, there I was, voluntarily or not, plunging into a maze of total chaos and inner agony!”

“Along the process, I’ve discovered some shocking personal facts about myself. I’ve dropped a lot of layers while simultaneously adding new ones. I discovered truly helpful and healthy mentalities to lead with, and I now feel like I’ve regained my sense of self. I’d even go so far as to say I’ve never felt more at ease in my life “The 15-time Grammy winner went on to add more. “As a result, I’m finally ready to release this record.”

Adele described the album as “my ride or die” during the “most tumultuous era of my life,” saying it became a “friend” to her in many ways.

“Since then, I’ve carefully rebuilt my house and my heart, and this record tells the story,” she added. “Where the heart is, home is.”

“Easy on Me,” Adele’s first single from “30,” will be released in the United Kingdom on October 15 at midnight.

She recently told Vogue about her new song, “It’s delicate for me, simply in how much I adore it.” “I constantly claim that the number ’21’ is no longer mine. Everyone else had taken it so deeply into their hearts. This is one I’m not going to let go of. This is my collection. I want to be able to share myself with everyone, but I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to let this one go.”

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