3-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots 2-Year-Old Sister In Florida

Authorities said Saturday that a 3-year-old boy Accidentally Shoots his 2-year-old sister after a man reportedly took a rifle to a Florida party.

At a press conference, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said that the child had undergone surgery and was in “exceptionally critical condition.”

He said the shooting happened shortly before midnight Friday in Lakeland when three men were watching a basketball game. According to the sheriff, one of them, later named Kevonte’ Wilson, 23, carried a loaded.380 handgun and concealed it under couch cushions where the children were playing.

The three caught the girl and drove her to the hospital, but were “t-boned” by a motorist who turned in front of them on the way, crippling all three passengers, according to Judd.

“A good Samaritan had stopped at that point,” he said. “And the good Samaritan took the baby and a man to the hospital,” the story continues.

The adults in the car were handled and released, according to Judd.

According to Florida law, he was unable to locate the children’s guardians. He said the mother was visiting her sister at the time.

After a search warrant reportedly dug up weed and paraphernalia, the host, Chad Berrien, 24, was charged with possession of pot and running a house for drug use, according to Judd.

According to Barrien, he is not responsible for the shooting.

“It really happens to be a terrible, horrific tragedy,” Judd said.

Wilson was charged with failure to properly store a weapon, concealing a firearm, and possessing marijuana, according to him. According to Judd, he could face further charges as the investigation progresses.

The third person who was watching basketball was not detained.

The child was sent to his grandmother. “There will be no charges brought against the 3-year-old,” Judd said.

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