Second Day In Row, Chinese 30 Military Warplanes Have Flown Over Taiwan

TAIPEI, Taiwan — On Saturday, China sent more than 30 military warplanes toward Taiwan, marking the second major show of force in as many days.

According to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, 39 planes flew into Taiwan’s air defence identification zone in two missions, one during the day and the other at night. On Friday, 38 planes came into the region south of the self-governing island, following a similar pattern.

Taiwan, which is located off China’s east coast, is claimed by China. During a civil war in 1949, the two divided when the Communists gained control of mainland China and the opposing Nationalists established a government on Taiwan. On Friday, the Communist Party celebrated its 72nd year in power.

Su Tseng-chang, Taiwan’s premier, spoke out against the first day’s flights on Saturday.

While visiting the inauguration ceremony of a technology park in southern Taiwan, he remarked, “China has long committed violent and barbaric activities to threaten regional peace.

For more than a year, China has been flying military jets into the area south of Taiwan on a regular basis. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, the 38 and 39 planes on Friday and Saturday were the most in a single day since Taiwan began publishing flight records.

According to the Defense Ministry, 20 planes flew throughout the day on Saturday and another 19 at night. The majority of them were recognised as J-17 and SU-30 fighter planes.

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